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Politicut enters the 2016 Presidential race to promote democracy and education by giving citizens a one-stop shop to find the most present-day news and commentary of the American public. Politicut brings you candidate biographies, a news aggregation service and forum discussions to read and post the most leading-edge thoughts on today’s political landscape.

News Feature

Politicut offers you an interactive source of political information through our news aggregation service where you can digest the most up-to-date news articles from a variety of media sources such as CNN, Washington Post, BBC, and New York Times. Politicut curates multiple news sources to feature the day’s current events from the White House to Capitol Hill while tracking Washington lobbying and state issues alongside campaign details. Headlines are listed chronologically by most recent date to give you a daily mobile news source you can access in one location. The comment section allows you to post YOUR viewpoints while drawing feedback from other interested participants to create the most contemporary canvas of America’s political dialogue.

Candidate Bios

Politicut offers the information you want about each presidential candidate in one location for easy access to save you time and energy as you seek to learn about each presidential nominee. Quick facts in Politicut’s candidate section spotlight yes/no answers to the larger issues like climate control, same sex marriage, abortion, and the death penalty to help you quickly navigate and compare individuals. Then, detailed biographies help you get to know the politician’s history alongside their current political conversations. If that isnt enough to satisfy you, feel free to watch the videos Politicut provides on each presidential contender.


Politicut’s Forum section delivers a political colloquy in a format for passionate analysis where each voice demands America’s promise. Categories include the White House, Education, Healthcare, Foreign Policy, and Bipartisan Issues. Threads are ranked by the community to serve as a social media tool for you to track and measure important discussions. Brace yourselves for heated debates and lively conversations where your participation becomes the guiding source of political culture.


Track how your candidate is doing in the 2016 Presidential race with Politicuts polls. Politicuts polls give you visual graphics to interpret complex politics.

Features include:

• Candidate Bios, Quick Facts and Videos
• News aggregation service involving a variety of the largest media sources
• Forum discussions for users to comment and originate topics
• Countdown to election clock
• Polls to track the 2016 Presidential Race
• Search mechanism to allow you to find nominees by name or political party

Download Politicut today from the iPhone Store or Android Market and follow along or lead your political story!